Funny videos with toys. Thanos vs Captain America and Spider-Man.

Come watch funny videos with Superhero toys for kids and have fun! Today, our Funny Clown for kids and Marvel Avengers toys for kids — Captain America and Spider-Man — will catch superhero Thanos and get him out of town! Funny Clown is making a soup for the Marvel superheroes toys for kids while they catch Thanos — but the house catches on fire! Let’s call our fire truck for kids to help them out! Join us on the best kids’ channel, Funny Clown Videos, and enjoy toys videos for kids featuring our kids’ clown and play with Spider-Man toys, Thanos toys and other funny superheroes in real life!
Смотри новое видео для детей про Супергероев Марвел! Сегодня Капитан Америка и Спайдермен будут бороться с Таносом. Давай узнаем, удастся ли Капитану Америка и Человеку пауку изгнать Таноса, а потом спастись от пожара. Смотри лучшие смешные видео для детей про игрушки для мальчиков и девочек и фигурки супергероев на нашем канале
WOW! Try not to laugh!
Funny CLOWN wants to play
Le clown has so many TOYS!
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Play fun kids’ games and watch Funny Clown videos on the Funny Clown Videos channel! Are you ready to have some fun? Join us and watch funny videos for children with clowns, cool toys and cars. Subscribe to the Funny Clown Videos channel and watch new episodes every day. Try not to laugh with Andrew the Clown and other clowns! Let’s laugh and play together!
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