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Check out these 2 Digital Exclusive shorts where Batman and Wonderwoman visit Atom to convince him to join the team and Lobo traps Superman in a Kryptonite cage.
Wonder Woman and Batman are recruiting a reluctant Atom at his lab as a full time Justice Leaguer. “I make things little,” he protests. “I’m not, like, a big fighty guy.” The pitch is broken up by the explosive intrusion of Etrigan the Demon, who mops the floor with Wonder Woman and Batman when they try to send him back to the dark side. Does “little” guy Atom have enough fight in him? He’ll find out once and for all if size matters!
Lobo has big plans to earn a $100 million bounty on The Flash and “retire on the beach.” He uses a distress signal to lure Superman and the Flash to a desert planet (that looks a lot like the setting for Wile E. Coyote’s attempts to catch Road Runner). He puts Superman out of commission with a Kryptonite ray gun and cage. Try as Lobo does to catch “the red speedster,” the Flash gets around every one of his tricks in a funny salute to the Looney Tunes classics.
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