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Lamput is a gooey orange nutcase that escaped from a secret laboratory. Two scientists, Fat Doc and Slim Doc, are forever trying their best to catch him. But Lamput, always a master of disguise, escapes right under their noses!
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▶︎ Ep.1 Hair bun
Mistaking it for Lamput, Slim Doc pulls off Old Lady’s orange hair bun! He picked the wrong orange lump and now Old lady is really angry.
▶︎Ep. 2 Prints
Fat Doc and Slim Doc follow an orange trail into a manhole, down to the sewer. They think they’ve got him, but Lamput has the last laugh.
▶︎Ep. 3 Poster
One of the doctors points to Lamput’s ‘Wanted’ poster to check if Mr. Moustache has seen him. Is he telling the truth or playing tricks?
▶︎ Ep. 4 Bus Stop
At the bus stop, Fat Doc finds Miss Phony’s orange skirt suspicious. He keeps his eye on her but Mr. Moustache doesn’t like it one bit.
▶︎ Ep. 5 Glasses
Fat Doc finally manages to catch Lamput. However Fat Doc can’t see at all without his specs and Lamput knows this all too well.
▶︎ Ep. 6 Orange Door
Fat Doc opens an orange door, walks on the orange treadmill and climbs up the orange staircase but he still can’t find the elusive Lamput!
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