New house for Barbie dolls – Funny videos

Do you like to watch funny videos for kids about clowns for kids and toys? Great! Join us and watch a new funny kids’ video about funny clown and Barbie dolls for girls. In a new funny online video for kids funny clown wants to buy a new house for Barbie dolls and giant Teddy bear will make clown’s wish come true. Toy bear shows funny clown one big house for dolls, but it’s too expensive for our clown… Teddy bear toy, maybe you have another house for clown? But it’s too small… Oh, the third house is so beautiful! It looks like a real fairy castle for dolls! Barbie doll will be so happy to live here! Find all funny kids’ videos on our comedy channel.
Смотри новое смешное видео для детей про куклы Барби и смешного клоуна! Клоун очень хочет купить для Барби новый домик. Но как ему найти подходящий дом? Может быть мишка Тедди сможет ему помочь? Давай посмотрим и узнаем!
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