Peacekeeping: Cooperation between Security Council, Troop Countries & Secretariat Crucial

Briefing by Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations.
The UN peacekeeping chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix today said, “strong triangular cooperation is a crucial factor to enhance peacekeeping operations.”
Speaking at a Security Council debate on Strengthening Triangular Cooperation today (10 Jul) in New York, Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix stated ways to strengthen, sharpen and re-energize approach to the triangular dialogue and cooperation between the Security Council, troop- and police-contributing countries, and the Secretariat.
He told the delegates that the Secretary-General’s Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) initiative is aimed at fostering collective solutions to deal with the challenges that peacekeeping face, adding that “the common work of the Security Council, Troop and Police Contributing Countries and the Secretariat, along with other stakeholders, will be key to ensure continued progress.”
The peacekeeping chief noted that the benefits of the triangular cooperation applies to many areas of peacekeeping, including improving the safety and security of peacekeepers. He also noted that mandates can also strongly benefit from the perspectives and experiences of troop and police contributors present on the ground, in order to make them more focused, adapted and achievable.
Lacroix reiterated, “In many contexts, peacekeeping missions are likely to benefit from more consistent and closer engagement between the Security Council and the host government. And, as this Council is very aware, partnerships with regional and sub-regional organizations is increasingly key for the efficiency of peacekeeping.”
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