Pretend Play Fireman with a Fire Truck at the Fire Station.

Try not to laugh watching our fun kids’ video with toys and a clown! This is a fire station for kids. Who’s there? The toy fire truck robocar Roy, Captain America, Paw Patrol’s Marshall and our funny clown. Today the clown became a firefighter! Pretend play with the fireman with two fire trucks for kids, robocar Roy , Paw Patrol toys and Captain America! Watch a kids’ video with kids’ cars and toys for kids at the fire station for kids!
Добро пожаловать на пожарную станцию! Здесь базируются пожарные машинки и игрушки, которые всегда готовы прийти на помощь и потушить пожар. Кто же здесь есть? Пожарная машинка робокар Рой, пожарный джип, Маршал из мультфильма Щенячий Патруль и супергерой Капитан Америка! Не хватает только главного пожарного, а им сегодня станет наш веселый и смешной клоун!
WOW! Try not to laugh!
Funny CLOWN wants to play
Le clown has so many TOYS!
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Fun kids games and Funny Clown Videos on Funny Clown Videos channel! Are you ready to have some fun? Join us and watch funny videos for children with clowns, cool toys and cars. Subscribe to Funny Clown Videos channel and watch new episodes every day. Try not to laugh with Clown Andrew and other clowns! Let’s laugh and play together!
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