Pretend play & funny video: Barbie girl and inflatable toys for kids

Come watch a new funny video for kids about funny Barbie dolls, funny clown and inflatable toys for kids. Do you want to have fun and play with us? Great! Let’s look what we have here… There are so many inflatable toys for kids! There are big inflatable water pool for kids, color balls, and inflatable toy car for kids. So, let’s ride on inflatable car with funny clown and Barbie doll, play with balls and just have fun! Find more funny videos for kids with Barbie dolls for girls on our kids channel. Play and try not to laugh with the best funny pranks for kids!
Смотри супер сборник смешных видео для детей про куклы Барби и веселого клоуна! Мы будем играть с разноцветными шариками, надувными бассейнами и кататься на игрушечных машинках! Скорее присоединяйся к нам и играй вместе с нами!
00:01 – Barbie doll and funny clown
09:14 – Barbie baby and inflatable toys
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